Monash Poetics Discussion Group

Mondays 3pm, Menzies N702 (Clayton)

April 16:
Brodie Bortignon, ‘Self, Body and Human Nature in Gerard Manley Hopkins’
April 30:
Peter Hanson, ‘The Poetry of Philip Hammial as “Minor Literature”’
May 14:
David Dick, ‘Literary Cubism in John Ashbery’s Tennis Court Oath
May 28:
Caroline Williamson, ‘Reading Jill Jones and Jorie Graham through Walter Benjamin’
June 21 (Thursday):
Symposium on Ken Bolton, OuLiPo and Second Generation New York School (Guest: Ken Bolton)
July 9:
Poetry Workshop: Con Karavias, Andrew Mahony, Tom McPherson
July 23:
Tim Wright, ‘Longer Poems of Laurie Duggan: “Crab and Winkle” and “Ornithology”’
August 6:
Lianda Burrows, ‘Topographical Aesthetic in Murnane’s The Plains
August 20:
Oscar Schwartz, ‘Performance in the Poetry of Chris Mann and PiO’
September 3:
Raphaelle Race, ‘Poetic Technique as Narrative Device’
September 17:
Gabriel Garcia Ochoa, ‘Metafictional Truth’
October 1:
Chris Mooney-Singh, ‘Charles Harpur, Harold Stewart and the Asian Influence in Australian Poetry’
October 15:
Ronald Lee, ‘The Divine Comedy and De Vulgari Eloquentia in Modernist Poetry’